Amplified Phones

Basic Amplified Phone

A corded/cordless phone with volume control (amplification) capabilities to adjust the loudness of the other person’s voice. Works well for individuals who have a mild hearing loss. Volume control may adjust up to 35 dB. Receives incoming speech with more clarity. May include memory dial, redial, flash button and more and includes built-in loud and flashing ringer.

Enhanced Amplified Phone (corded and cordless)

Same as the Basic Amplified Phone but has more powerful amplification and tone control. Some phones have enhancement controls that may eliminate background noise and increase clarity. Some phones include volume control which adjusts up to 65+ dB, tone control, and noise reduction which removes unwanted background noise, memory dial, redial and flash buttons. Cordless phones, which are included in this category and may be amplified up to 65+ dB, are convenient and mobile for use by individuals with hearing loss who enjoy amplification for clear conversations. Some corded and cordless enhanced amplified phones have a speaker, built-in loud/flashing ringers, and a Caller ID display (Caller ID service is available through your telephone company).

Virtual Showroom Models:

 Clarity xlc7bt new ClearSounds A1600BT Clearsounds a700 Hc csc500 HC AMPLIPOWER60 Panasonic KX TGM450 HC CL60A

Captioned Phone

The captions are displayed on this phone’s built-in screen so the user can read the words through the Captioned Relay Service while listening to the voice of the other party. This phone is amplified up to 40dB. Captions are provided for incoming and outgoing calls. For more information on the Captioned Telephone Service, call Relay Iowa Customer Service at 888-516-4692 or go to the website, Read more about captioned telephones here.

Virtual Showroom Models:

CapTel 2400i Captioned Telephone CapTel 880i Captioned Telephone
Captel phone 8942 3122a 2

Wireless Program

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Ipad mini


Amplified Answering Machine

Selectable slow playback speeds to understand all words along with powerful amplification to increase sound and tone control. If the phone does not have a second jack, a line splitter may be necessary.

Virtual Showroom Model

AB900™ Amplified Answering Machine with Tone, Volume & Message Speed Control

Ab 900z

Loud/Flashing Ringer

Alerts Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals to the ringing of the telephone either visually (a built-in flashing light or can be connected to a lamp), by a loud ringing tone or both at the same time. A ringer can be connected directly to a phone or jack in a separate room if desired. A ringer can be requested along with a selection of telephone equipment.

Virtual Showroom Model

Serene Innovations RF-200 Super-Loud Home/Cell Phone Ringer/Flasher

Rf 200 ringer


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