Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Start applying now by clicking one of the following:
  2. Submit the application to TAI (Via mail, or email, or online)
  3. Get your voucher & start communicating with people who matter!

Little to No Cost

  1. Telecommunications Access Iowa vouchers cover 95% of the average cost of the equipment, so there is very little to no cost to you!
  2. Take your voucher to an Equipment Vendor – Click here for a complete list of Equipment Vendors
  3. Purchase your telecommunications device

Requirements Needed

You must meet all to qualify for a Voucher:

  • Be an Iowa resident
  • Be at least 5 years of age or able to use the telecommunications equipment
  • Have phone service now or plan on getting it (not needed for the wireless requirements)
  • Confirm that the equipment you are asking for would make telecommunications use easier for you
  • Confirm your income is less than what is listed in the chart below
No. of Persons in Family Gross Annual Family Income
1 person $66,000
2 persons $76,000
3 persons $86,000
4 persons $96,000
4+ persons Add $10,000
for each additional person

How Often Can I Re-apply for Telecommunications Equipment?

Every three years you can re-apply for equipment. If your hearing or speech difficulties change within three years, you may be eligible to re-apply. Contact Us to learn more.