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TAI & Relay Iowa’s Connections Newsletter – Summer 2021

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We all love summer. Spending more time with the family, riding bikes on a trail, soaking up the sun at the lake, barbecuing at the park, catching a baseball game, and other fun events are happening now.

As we participate in these fun activities and our state continues to open up this summer, Telecommunications Access Iowa (TAI) and Relay Iowa remain committed to providing services to Iowans who are Deaf, hard of hearing, or have difficulty speaking on the telephone. We just published our bi-annual Connections Newsletter.

Please click on the link above to learn how to stay connected with your loved ones, and check out the latest updates on our programs.

In the 2021 Summer version, we made several announcements about our programs, including the new additions of iPhones to the TAI program and outreach opportunities.

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Let’s stay connected!

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