Speech Difficulty Equipment Mar 12, 2021

Speech Difficulty Equipment

Your voice is IMPORTANT!

We offer more than just specialized telephones for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. If you have speech difficulty and struggle using the telephone, we offer many different solutions with specialized telecommunication equipment meant for Speech Difficulty.

– Speech Amplified Phones can be used by individuals with low volume or weak speech.

– TTYs (Text telephone) can transmit and receive typed messages to the other party using a relay service.

– Electrolarynx telephone kits assist individuals who have voice disorders, vocal-cord paralysis, or other types of laryngectomy restrictions.

– Wireless Devices, such as iPads, will come with speech-specific apps, such as Alternative Augmentative Communication apps, that allow the individual to tap on pictures, words, and phrases to create sentences and the device will speak for them.

Don’t delay and apply now!

If you want more information or need help to understand these devices for speech difficulty, let’s get connected, and we’ll be more than happy to help you.


For an ASL version of this post, please view the video below and turn on the captions.